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It's a fact, there's an excellent array of fun things to do in Las Vegas for your team building! But let's face it, not many would be as fun as a mixology class! Entertaining mixologists, excellent venues mixed with fun hands on cocktail making classes. The recipe of a well executed team building event, your company's outing might go down in your company history as the best team building activity ever.

Team Building Mixology Classes

A team building mixology class is a training session where employees learn how to make cocktails and other mixed drinks in a fun and relaxed environment.

Each Mixology Class is designed to be a fun and interactive way to build teamwork and social skills while also learning a new skill. During the class, a professional mixologist will guide participants through the steps of making a variety of drinks, from classic cocktails to more contemporary creations.

Our team building mixology classes on the Strip in Las Vegas are a comprehensive and fun experience for all. You and your guests will discover what goes into your favourite cocktails and how they are made before you will get to shake your own. You will learn all of the tricks of the trade for mixing, shaking and ultimately enjoying delicious cocktails.

Team Building Activities

Book a bespoke cocktail-based experiences at your location for corporate groups of all sizes.

Mixology Classes On The Strip

Each team building mixology class can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the group, and can be held either in-person at our cocktail bars in town or at your location.

In addition to teaching participants how to make cocktails, these classes can also help to improve communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills among team members. Your team will have the time of their lives and they will learn to shake delicious cocktails. And best of all, they will do it as a team with a small  measure of competition!

Mixology Classes has permanent locations in Las Vegas at our bars on the Strip. Also, our mobile cocktail bar service allows us to provide our services at your location as well.

Private Mixology Events

We can customise our offer to provide the right cocktail experience as per your specific requirements. Classes start from $100 per person (plus gratuity) and the rates include the class, all the ingredients and equipment plus the mixologist fee!

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    Build Team Bonding with a Fun and Interactive Mixology Class

    Looking for unique mixology team building activities in Vegas for corporate groups?

    Try a team building bartending class to build teamwork and mix up your next event! Discover the ultimate guide to corporate mixology classes for team building and learn how to shake things up with your team!