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Looking for a Las Vegas cocktail class with a twist? Try Mixology Group US to get your cocktail fix and learn how to shake like a Pro!
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Get Into The Spirit of Cocktail Team Building Workshop
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Fun cocktail making team building activity offered since 2007 - Las Vegas is the "Mixology Capital of The  World"! Learn the Art of Cocktail Making, our Corporate Cocktail  Classes in Las Vegas will teach you how  to make...shake...and muddle your favourite cocktails in a fun environment. At our classes, the Mixologist  will take you through a few basic techniques to produce some of the world's most iconic cocktails and give  you the confidence to experiment by yourself some cocktail making at home!

Let us help you create the perfect team building mix while mixing best cocktails in Las Vegas!

Ready...Steady...Cocktails!  A Team Building Cocktail Class is  the perfect way to break the ice and get everyone to bond  together, work as a team and have a great time while they are at  it! At our classes we will teach you how to make 3 cocktails and  then you will be let loose to make your own!   Book your Mixology Class in Las Vegas on-line today!  Send us an email here and enquire for availabilities today, our  fun Mixology Classes in Las Vegas prove to be very popular with  groups of all sizes - from 5 to 100, we have the logistics and the  “Know How” to make your day fabulous!  
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Best Team Building Activity - Corporate Mixology Classes

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Group Activities - Cocktail Classes in Las Vegas

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Corporate Cocktail Classes - Fun Mixology Workshops 

Shake up your night with irresistible and gorgeous cocktails in  our Classy Cocktail Making Class in Las Vegas! We offer fun  Cocktail Classes for the Mixology enthusiasts, join the fun and  we will teach you how to shake & muddle your favourite  cocktails! We will share with you the tips and tricks used by the  cocktail barmen to make the perfect drink! Our amazing Mixologists will offer a unique Cocktail Team  Building package for your next corporate event. Have fun whilst  building your friends and colleagues by learning how to make  cocktails in a Fun Mixology Class for Corporate Events in Las Vegas -the perfect way to enjoy a team  building event for your department, office or client entertaining event!
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Corporate Mixology Classes, Fun Team Building Activities

Looking for Mixology Classes in Las Vegas,  for your next special occasion? Send us an  email here! 
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Best Cocktail Classes in Las Vegas   available for Bachelorette parties; fun,  interactive and entertaining sessions.
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Celebrate your Birthday Party in style,  book your Cocktail Class in Las Vegas and  enjoy a night to remember! 
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Mix the perfect cocktail or get to know your spirits with a cocktail making class in Las Vegas experience - send us an email here!
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Team Building Mixology Classes Las Vegas 

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Mixology Classes Las Vegas
The Perfect Team Building Activity or  Birthday & Bachelorette Party kick start.  Want to know more?
Looking for fun group activities for your next office night out, client entertainment or team building event in  Las Vegas? Have you considered a Cocktail Class where you and your team mates will learn how to make  beautiful drinks with the help of a professional Mixologist? Our sessions are the best Cocktail Mixology  Classes in Las Vegas,we offer fun and interactive Mixology Classes where you will learn the techniques  used to create the perfect cocktail!
Discover our Great Cocktail Courses in Las Vegas with Mixology Group USA - Discover Las Vegas! We also cover: - New York          - Los Angeles     - Chicago - Pittsburgh         - Boston            - DC - New Jersey        - Atlanta           - Las Vegas
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Fun & interactive  cocktail classes in  New York for  private parties,  corporate events and team building  Mixology Classes NYC www.mixologyclassesnyc.com  e - info@mixologyclassesnyc.com
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Team Building Classes

Corporate Cocktail Classes Las Vegas

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Mixology Classes Las Vegas

Mixology Classes LV Team Building Cocktail Classes Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes Las Vegas mixology workshop Las Vegas

Mixology Classes in Las Vegas

Become a master Mixologist in the city of cocktails - Chicago Mixology Class - fun cocktail workshop! Mixology Classes Chicago www.mixologyclasseschicago.com e - info@mixologyclasseschicago.com
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Best Cocktail Making Classes in Los Angeles - learn how to make your favourite cocktails in LA! Mixology Classes LA www.mixologyclassesla.com  e - info@mixologyclassesla.com
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